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Announcing SaaSjoy

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Hello there,

Thanks for taking out the time and paying us a visit. In this hyper-connected world, your attention is our currency.

If you’ve landed on this website, there are high chances you’re the founder/CXO/A bit of everything in your SaaS company or are in the process of becoming one.

This is no minor feat. We wish you the best, for “A true entrepreneur is not a dreamer, but a doer.” A doer who is trying to juggle 5 balls, when he/she can only juggle 3 while the investor expects him to put on a brilliant show of 15. We’ve been in this circus too. The word ‘difficult’ does not even come close to explain what every day felt like when we started Clientjoy, six years ago. Uncertainty was our best friend for as long as we could remember.

We met some smart people who were really good at what they did to understand the market, the challenges it posed, and how our product could become a viable solution. However, none of these exercises gave us tangible results. All of these people offered great perspectives, tried and tested tricks of the trade on the product, marketing, team building, fundraising, and even what books to read! But the elephant in the room did not budge an inch.

We have nothing but gratitude for investors, senior-level management, marketers, consultants, product peeps, and all the “tech folks” who have contributed to our journey. But the guidance was always sporadic, in silos and never custom made for us. Again, it was our responsibility to figure that out. And that is what we did, after many highs and lows! We firmly believe (because just “believing” is not enough, you have to assert), building a SaaS company from the ground up is an uphill battle compensated by handsome rewards.

Our best insights always came from fellow co-founders who were juggling in their own respective circuses. For they knew the ins and outs of everything going on in their startups. Always willing to help us out and vice versa. Surrounded by chaos and madness, held together by passion and product, we made it to our series A round of funding, and the rest, as they say, is history.This journey of ours got us thinking about countless other SaaS founders who are forced to go through the same drill and waste precious time in a market where agility is highly valued. There was definitely something we could do here!

Enter COVID 19, this issue became even more pressing as the entire world jumped onto SaaS products as the antidote to reduce inefficiency. Accelerating the pace, which would’ve otherwise taken years. Making this the golden period to start a SaaS venture.We did the standard checklist: Speaking at webinars and networking events, writing blog posts, engaging with the startup community, and co-founders in boot camps. It was still generic. There was so much more we could do here to help budding entrepreneurs, given our experience, exposure, and the mistakes that we learned from. And that’s when we stopped hitting snooze and came up with an exciting idea to help companies grow. Do unto others as they would do unto you.

And since then, we have helped more than 30 founders turn their ideas into a business that hit the ground running. A little praise would do no harm :)

What is even more exciting? More than 500 people have shown active interest and want to include us in their growth journey. It is an honor, to say the least.

If you are looking for this kind of synergy, click Subscribe. We will reach out to you soon. Let’s come together to make your idea LIVE.

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