Guide to Process

Here are 4 ideas that guide our Processes - P-A-L-M approach, Just as the palm lines meet to align the stars, our processes align to meet your goals!


Keeping and building features in the product only if they offer real value to their stakeholders


Working in shorter cycles to be able to release, measure and adapt according to responses



Making sure that all the nodes on the value chain are delivering value at maximal efficiency


Clearly define and constantly measure key metrics and separate them from vanity ones


Our SaaSjoy Process

We have crazy chemistry with SaaS Stories.We will envisage your SaaS story to success with our tested processes.


Product & Market Research

Building the Specs

1-Understanding & Ideation.png

Planning: Got a brilliant idea?

We will plan out the phases and work with you to figure out the first version of the product.


Understanding & Ideation: What, Where, How, and To whom?

We understand the problem being solved, the target consumer, and the traits of your market.

2-Brainstorming & Strategising.png

Brainstorming and strategizing: The way ahead?

We conduct a workshop and do in-depth documentation of visible roadmap.


Building the first phase

Step 2- Development .png
4-Low & High fidelity designs.png

 Low & High fidelity designs: Let’s line up the layout? 

We build user journeys and wireframes. Give you a feel of how it’s going to work.

5-Prototyping & Development.png

Prototyping & Development: Ready to strive to perfection?

We work over multiple sprints in an agile way to actually build the Product.
- It could read: We work over multiple sprints in an agile way to build the actual product.


Testing: Let’s gear up for the best?

Unit, functional, and performance testing are done in order to assure quality of the delivery.


Maintain, manage and iterate

Step 3-Delivery.png
7-Security Audit & Deployment.png

Security Audit & Deployment: Integrity first?

We make sure that the product adheres to your industry’s security standards.


Measurement: Let’s match the best standards?

What gets measured, gets done. We measure key metrics and help you improve them.

9-Maintenance and Iteration.png

Maintenance and Iteration: Need repairs?

We maintain the product and help you achieve perfection through iteration.

Go to Market

Reach at right time

10-Brand Conceptualization.png

Brand Conceptualization: What do you stand for?

Creation of Brand identity and conceptualizing the promotional mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) to introduce in the market.

11-Promotional Marketing.png

Promotional Marketing: Let’s get the word out?

Implement the modern marketing plan to be present at the right time to right customers by Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Influential marketing suitable to the offered solutions.


Repeat: The show must go on. Right?

Constantly evolving brand identity and promotional marketing strategies to build evolving customer relationships.

Step 4- Go to Market.png
Step 1-_Product_&_Market_Research.png

Let's get you SaaSified!

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