The Impact We Create

We are on a mission to bring consumer grade user experience to every SaaS applications. SaaS have a mega impact on the world, infusing a user centric approach to these systems can allow us to manifest the boons of the information age.

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Fintech Solutions

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E-Commerce Solutions

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  • Digital Lending for ABFL
    Reduced the minimum 15 day lending period to minimum 10 mins.

  • Open Banking for New Bridge Fin-Tech
    Connecting banks on a single platform for high value deposits.

  • Robo-Advisor for Aditya Birla Capital
    Helping Individuals financially plan out their next 30 years.

  • iOS Mobile application for E-paylater
    India’s leading pay later solution providing 30 day credit to users.

Customized Solutions

  • Contract Management for DWS
    Improved Turn-around-Times by over 34%.Customized Integration with Procurement Software and Templatisation.

  • E-Learning for Educt
    Rank higher in competitive exams with Educt’s courses. Try as many variants like Photobook, Huesbox, canvas prints & other variants.

  • Business Intelligence for Magenta BI
    Make Data Driven Decisions for your distribution business. Apt insights to Identify gaps in Sales, Purchase, Inventory & Payments.

  • Social Commerce Marketplace for Frendy
    Disrupting the social commerce space with it’s unique rewards.

  • Bringing Digital memories to life by Hueshub
    Design-led studio enabling users create, display, preserve and share photos with the real world.

  • E-Commerce Marketplace for Buy1Store
    Buy1 is fully integrated end to end e-commerce store builder with standout feature like logistics and order management product & pricing management & CMS.

Other solutions we have deployed

They have been created from our rich modules library where we host 100+ modules



HRMS Solution

Manage Leaves, Payroll, Timesheets, Goal tracking, Expenses and Assets

ERP Solution

Manage Assets, Stock, CRM, Purchases etc. on a single platform with a clean interface


Video and Live streaming solution

You can Upload, share. Manage channels, Run ads and you have the ability go live too




Homeschooling & LMS solutions

Create courses, assign them to students, check progress, add instructors and a lot more

Chat (IM) Solution

One to Many, Channels and Omni channel support chat are some of the use cases of this solution


Marketing Automation Solutions

Fast, easy to use and trusted email marketing solution with Restful APIs




“4 out of 5 tasks are done” Hearing this feels like good but are we really on track! The quest for excellence keeps us on our toes. We want to see big changes every day. However in reality We strongly believe small changes compound each day to bring out big differences. We will be in this quest from start to till the end, we are your ninja game-changers.

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What will we do

We believe, life is too precious for unpleasant and mediocre experiences. We want to give you exponential good one!


We will help you Accelerate

We are into this business for more than half a decade now and we will help you gain more High’s and reduce the Low’s hypothesis. We will be working alongside to build Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with enhanced research, easy to experience user canvases, strong development implementation and executing go to market strategy for your SaaS story.

We are your Solution Partner

We will ensure to juggle every obstacle and provide balanced solutions. We have helped our past associates with other best in industry vendors , helped in sorting and maintaining internal teams or processes and encouraged smaller seeds of innovation to bring bigger impacts.

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We are your Consultants

We will not sit in board meetings or cater just client-employer association. We will be your consultants. We will not just solve your technology pain point but we will provide an extra leverage of our industry presence with costume pragmatic solutions.


We aim to be your SaaS Accelerators, not a service provider

We will hold your hand from ideation to execution of your SaaS Story. We have observed a common silos of micromanaging to acquire profound outcomes. As per marked industrial analysis, delegation helps in more profound mutual development rather than imbecile outcomes.

We aim to deliver quality and not quantity

Every SaaS Founder would like their idea to be executed briskly without draining resources and currency of time.  We have been around for a while in industry and met some amazing experienced professionals where we have learnt phenomenal lessons that hasty approaches and unplanned strategies leads to doom’s day in future. Quality requires patience, practice and planning which we ensure to achieve.

What we expect

Shared value of relationships we would like to build.

We aim to be wise innovators and not money hungry

We aim for pragmatic creativity to not compromise your vision, time and resource.We speak our minds up-front when we think we won't be a right fit for each other and won't be able to do the justice to work.We are not here to fool each other or play smart with each other. We offer and expect, transparency and genuinity.

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Let's get you SaaSified!

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